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Traditional disability income insurance programs place maximum limits on coverage amounts that are far below the income replacement needs of physicians. ACG’s high-limit program from Lloyd’s of London offers increased limits, simplified underwriting, and premium discounts for ACG Members.

ACG Pricing

Discounted premiums specifically for ACG Members

Simple Underwriting

Short application with no medical exam or labs available.

Own Occupation

Definition for benefit eligibility based on your occupation.

Single or Multi-Life

Plans available for just you or your practice. Guaranteed issue avail.

Increased Benefits Up To

Monthly Benefit

Lump Sum

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the ACG Discount?
At the moment, the ACG discount is 20% off the retail premiums for this product. The pricing is subject to change at any time, however once your policy is in place the premiums cannot be changed for 5 years.
How does the high-limit coverage work?
The high-limit disability program is intended to supplement your traditional disability insurance coverage to increase your total coverage to more appropriate limits for your income.

Monthly benefits under the high-limit program are paid for 5 years (60 months). If you are still disabled after the 60 month benefit period, you are eligible to receive an additional lump sum benefit. Please speak to an advisor and consult the contract language for more details.

What is simplified underwriting?
Simplified underwriting is a short application and does not require a medical exam or blood and urine labs. This is available for benefit limits up to $10,000 per month and $5,000,000 lump sum.
Am I required to have existing traditional disability coverage?
Yes, the high-limit disability program requires that you have obtained the maximum amount of traditional coverage available to you. If you don’t have this coverage, the ACG Benefits advisors can help you get it. Just ask!
How much coverage am I eligible for?
Our advisors can help you calculate for certain, but typically you are eligible for total coverage up to 60% of your gross income. Since benefits are received tax-free, this comes fairly close to replacing 100% of your current after-tax income.

The total coverage includes your existing traditional policy, so for example: If you earn $480,000 gross income ($40K/month) and have a traditional policy providing $10,000/month benefit, you would be eligible for up to $30,000 ($40K – $10K) of additional benefit with the high limit program.

What is a multi-life plan?
Not only are you able to get personal high-limit coverage for yourself, but you can also get a multi-life plan for you and your partners in your practice. If multiple partners in your practice are interested in high-limit disability, you can structure a multi-life plan that may offer additional premium discounts and evenĀ guaranteed issue policies, which don’t require any underwriting.

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